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Pro Scooter Decks

A pro scooter deck is more than where your feet rest. It serves as the foundation for a scooter and brings almost everything together. Decks are typically the heaviest part of a scooter and are usually made from lightweight aluminum. Wider decks are more comfortable (especially for bigger feet) but the bigger the size, the heavier the deck.

Scooter Deck Headtube

Better quality scooter decks will have a welded head tube (which connects to the bars and fork). The headtube angle really affects the feel of the scooter. For example, a steeper headtube angle (closer to 90°) makes tailwhips easier because the rotation of the whip is flatter and easier to land. A more shallow angle (further from 90°) makes steering and more complex tricks easier. Additionally, the steeper the angle, the closer the bars are to your body.

Typically, younger riders start out with steeper angles and move to more shallow angles (further from 90°) as their skills improve. However, there is no "best" angle, every rider finds the right angle for their style.

Standard Deck vs. Integrated Deck

Integrated decks are newer to the market and offer an improvement over standard decks. Integrated decks already have the headset cup integrated into the headtube during the manufacturing process so that you don't need a special tool to install the headset.

Integrated Deck Compatibility:
Integrated headsets only
Threadless forks and a compression set
Not compatible with threadless headsets or threadless forks

Standard Deck Compatibility:
With a threaded fork must use a threaded headset
With a threadless fork must use a threadless headset and a compression clamp (SCS, HIC, ICS, etc)
Not compatible with integrated headsets