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Drift Trikes

Welcome to one of the fastest growing extreme sports from new Zealand; the birthplace of Drift Trikes. Drift trikes are extreme tricycles that have slick rear wheels, normally made from a hard plastic and have a smooth surface which aids in the drifting effect. Drift trikes are usually ridden on paved roads with steep downhill grades, with corners and switchbacks.

Riders gather most of their momentum through gravity but many trike drifters choose to employ a freewheeling pedal front wheel, which makes for a more versatile trike. The freewheel hub allows the rider to obtain forward momentum but allows for coasting when not pedaling. The smoother the surface the less resistance on the rear drifting of the wheels and allow for faster speeds while extending the life of the plastic wheels.

Operating speeds for drift trikes generally range between 25-50 mph.

The sport has a dedicated following and is quickly growing in popularity across the globe.

Drift Trikes have a huge following in New Zealand. In fact, the art of drift triking originated in New Zealand. It sort of branched off of the interest and popularity of car drifting among the youth population. From there, the sport has spread throughout the world and is now a recognized sport. The US is home to the non-profit organization called the American Drift Trike Association. The most popular brand of Drift Trikes in the world is Triad. We offer 4 models (Syndicate, Underworld, Notorious, Counter Measure) in the lowest possible prices to fit every budget. We also have a selection of drift trike parts to aid in modifications or replacing damaged parts.

Always drift safely! Wear protective gear including helmet, pads, and protective clothing. Be mindful of your surroundings like cars, other riders, and obstacles.