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We are your online shopping destination for pro scooters, pro scooter parts, drift trikes, electric skateboards and more. In addition to great scooters we have added many other cool products that we just love and feel you will too. So shop our huge selection of kick scooters and our constantly growing selection of drift trikes, gas scooters, electric scooters, and powered skateboards.

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Electric and Gas Scooters are fun

Whether you are looking for a powered scooter to make it easier to travel from place to place or a thrill seeker looking for a fast ride to go on trails or through obstacles - we have you covered. Our scooters range from an entry-level 100w scooter for kids up to a 1600w scooter made for commuting that reached speeds up to 25 miles per hour. If you are just looking to bum around the neighborhood or perform extreme tricks, then you may want to check out our Wheelman skateboards that either have a 49cc gas engine or 1000w electric motor.

Trusted Brands

We are all about gaining your trust when we offer our line of scooters and other products. Part of gaining your trust and improving your experience with our shop is to make sure we carry quality products. Our product lines are hand selected to make sure they are quality products that promise to deliver a positive experience to our customers and last a long time. We offer products from well know brands like: Razor, MotoTec, UberScoot, EVO Powerboards, Sidewalker, ScooterX, Huffy, Triad, Yedoo, Ridgeback, Zumaround, AO, Lucky, Envy and more.

Pro Scooters from AO, District, Lucky, Sacrifice, Fasen and Envy.

We sell some of the best pro scooters available on the market today. Freestyle scooters have evolved and have exploded in popularity since they were first introduced by Razor scooters back in 1996. If you have never been on a pro scooter, you are in for a treat. Advancements in scooter deck designs, lightweight components and high quality wheels have improved the performance of pro scooters tremendously. Not only do we sell the best pro scooters but also offer high quality parts and gear. To help in your scooter selection, we have added the recommended skill levels and have scooters that fit all budgets and skill levels. SHOP NOW